CineEurope FAQs

Q: What is CineEurope?

A: CineEurope is the only pan-European convention and trade show dedicated to the needs of the movie theatre industry. Each year, motion picture exhibition and distribution professionals from Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) come to CineEurope to view the latest major cinema releases and extensive product reels of upcoming product, gain valuable industry information at educational seminars, find new products, services and technologies and network with peers at fun-filled special events. Distribution professionals come to CineEurope to network with customers.

The major elements of CineEurope are:
  • Screenings of new films for European release
  • Product Reel Presentations of upcoming films
  • Awards Presentations
  • Sponsored Food Events
  • Educational Seminars
  • Networking Events
  • Trade Show
Q: Where is CineEurope held?

A: CineEurope is held at the Barcelona CCIB in Barcelona, Spain, in June.

Q: Is CineEurope open to the public?

A: No, CineEurope is a trade event for companies the movie theatre industry.

Q: How do I register for CineEurope?

A: You may register online, by mail or wire transfer. Please visit the CineEurope Registration page for details.

Q: Is there a cost to attend CineEurope?

A: Yes, there is a cost to attend CineEurope and there are different options. We suggest you choose the Full Registration Package so you have complete access to all of the exciting features of CineEurope. Please visit the CineEurope Registration page for details.

Q: I run a small theatre in Europe, and even though I would like to attend CineEurope, how can I justify the expense and the time that would need to be spent away from my theatre?

A: You can't afford not to go to CineEurope. As a small theatre owner, you, more than anyone, needs what CineEurope has to offer. CineEurope is the only pan-European convention dedicated to the movie theatre industry. CineEurope is the only place where, by investing only a few days of your time, you can do business and make informed programming decisions that will benefit you all year long. CineEurope offers educational programs, networking events, film screenings, product reel presentations, new products, services and technologies, and so much more. Visit the Attendee Information section of the CineEurope website to view the Registration Brochure for more information.

Q: I am an executive for a major cinema circuit in the U.S. Why should I attend CineEurope?

A. The US cinema exhibition market is quite mature, so if you're looking to expand your business, you might want to consider the European market. This market is growing and is the new frontier in cinema exhibition. By attending CineEurope, you will get a crash course on the movie theatre industry in Europe, the Middle East and Asia (EMEA). You will gain a total understanding of the market, meet the major industry players and gain information that can help you expand into Europe. You could travel all across Europe yourself and attempt to do this, but you don't have to-- CineEurope brings the market to you!

Q: Who is exhibiting CineEurope?

A: All of the major equipment and concessions manufacturers, suppliers and distributors exhibit at the CineEurope trade show. Please visit the Trade Show & Exhibitor Information section of the CineEurope website for the up-to-the-minute exhibitor list and floorplan.

Q: When will the Schedule of Events be posted on the CineEurope website?

A: The Schedule of Events for CineEurope is posted on the website closer to the show so that we can provide you with the most accurate information possible. Much of the show's content, such as the film screenings, are provided by the movie studios, and they are subject to change. The Schedule of Events is updated weekly on the website, so please bookmark the Schedule of Events page and check back often.

Q: My company may be interested in exhibiting at CineEurope. How do I know if my products are a good fit and if they will be successful in Europe?

A: CineEurope is an excellent opportunity for your company to break into the European movie theatre industry. CineEurope is the only event where you can meet face-to-face with everyone who is anyone in European, Middle East and African (EMEA) cinema exhibition. Instead of traveling from country to country and managing the logistics of getting in to see the right people, come to CineEurope where we've done all the work for you. We bring the industry directly to you.

The EMEA cinema exhibition industry is growing rapidly, Movie theatre owners and operators are always looking for new products, services and technologies to improve their theatres, or build new ones. Whether it's the traditional needs such as ticketing, booth projection equipment, digital cinema equipment, seating or concessions or products and services to upgrade or maintain their theatres like carpeting, construction, interior design, security systems and uniforms. To find out if your company's products are right for CineEurope, please contact Bill Andino at 646-654-4988 or by email at bill.andino@nielsen.com. Please also visit the Trade Show & Exhibitor Information page of the CineEurope website to view the Trade Show Brochure for further information.

Q: I already exhibit at CineEurope, but want more visibility for my company. What can I do to ensure that everyone knows we are at CineEurope and visits our booth?

A: There are many exciting ways in which your company can increase its visibility before, during and after CineEurope. Let us customize a sponsorship and promotion program that best suits your needs and fits your budget. Some of the many options available are:
  • Online advertising on the VNU Film Group website
  • Exclusive sponsorship of special events & food functions
  • Advertising in the ShoWest Program Journal
  • Promotional vehicles such as: lanyards; goody bags; video walls
  • ... and so much more!
For further information, please contact Andrew Sunshine at 646-654-7684 or email him at andrew.sunshine@nielsen.com.

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